Word Meaning with Example (A) 11 – 20 Words

 Everyone was shocked with that criminal’s acquittal
 us aparaadhee ke baree hone se har koee hairaan tha
 Acquittal of an innocent person is good news.
 kisee nirdosh vyakti ka baree hona achchhee khabar hai.
12Actuallyvaastav meinInfact 
 Actually, I don’t want to call.
 darasal, main kol nahin karana chaahata.
 What did he actually do?
 usane vaastav mein kya kiya?
13Acuteteevr / TezzSharpSevere
 German Shepherd dogs have acute sense of smell.
 jarman shephard kutton kee soonghane kee kshamata teevr hotee hai.
 Ramesh suddenly felt an acute pain in his chest.
 ramesh ko achaanak seene mein tez dard mahasoos hua.
14AddicedAadi honaTo be in the habbit of 
 I don’t want to be addected to it.
 main isaka aadee nahin hona chaahata.
 He is addicted to smoking.
 use dhoomrapaan kee lat hai.
15Adheremaanana / Chapakna / Palan KarnaFollowStick
 You must adhere to company policy; otherwise you may be fired.
 aapako kampanee kee neeti ka paalan karana hoga; anyatha aapako naukaree se nikaala ja sakata hai.
 This glue makes the wallpaper adhere to the wall firmly.
 yah gond volapepar ko deevaar par majabootee se chipaka deta hai.
16AdmitSrikar karna/ bharti karnaTo acknoledgeTo enrol
 Riya doesn’t want to admit that she was wrong.
 riya yah sveekaar nahin karana chaahatee ki vah galat thee.
 Amit was admitted into the hospital after getting affected from Corona virus.
 korona vaayaras se peedit hone ke baad amit ko aspataal mein bhartee karaaya gaya tha.
17AdorePooja karna / Bohot pasand karnaTo WorshipTo admire
 Radha adores God every day to get a job.
 naukaree paane ke lie raadha har din bhagavaan kee pooja karatee hai.
 The modern young generations adores eating chocolate.
 aadhunik yuva peedhee ko chokalet khaana bahut pasand hai.
18Advanceagrim / Jo pehele dena parePriorDevelop
 The tenant had to pay the rent in advance to hire the house.
 makaan kiraaye par lene ke lie kiraayedaar ko agrim kiraaya dena padata tha.
 Advanced medical devices are available at a low price for patients in India.
 bhaarat mein mareejon ke lie unnat chikitsa upakaran kam keemat par upalabdh hain.
19AdvantageFaeda / Behetar SthitiBenefitSuperiority
 There are many advanteges of learning foreign languages.
 videshee bhaashaen seekhane ke kaee phaayade hain.
 It would be to your advantage to prepare yourself for an interview in advance.
 It would be to your advantage to prepare yourself for an interview in advance.
20Adversityaapada / MusibatTrouble / problemPoverty
 Adversity tries one’s patience.
 vipatti vyakti ke dhairy kee pareeksha letee hai.
 He changed his adversity into properity with his hard work.
 unhonne apanee kathin parishram se vipareet paristhitiyon ko bhee upayuktata mein badal diya.

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