Use of CAN or can

1I Can Speak English.
2He can lift 50 kgs of weight.
3I can do anything.
4Can you do this?
5Can you do that?
6Can you speak three language?
7I cannot speak english?
8He can not swim in the river.
9Human can make mistake.
10Anone can make mistake.
11I cannot tolerate you now.
12Can you climb on the tree.
13Can you overtake that car?
14How many language can you speak?
15How fast can you drive a car?
16How loudly can you speak?
17This tank can hold 1000 litter of water.
18This airoplane can accommodate 350 passngers.
19This stadium can accommodate 20000 spectators.
20I can run fast.
22Can you run faster than him?
23She can run faster than him?
24She can dance very well.
25You cannot enter my room.
26I can understand your feeling.
27We can make him understand.
28I can do this work on one condition.
29Can you lift two boxes.
30I can lift you.
32How long can you hold your breath.
33How long can he stand on one leg?
34How can you touch me?
35How can you enter my room without any permission?
36How can you do so?
37How can you you think so?
38How can you take me wrong?
39How can you blame me?
40How can you leap in the dark?
41How can she re

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