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Hello Friends, Today we start our journey to Learn English and Speak English. In this website you can find every topic of English Learning. Here we will learn from basic english to advance english. After every topic learning we can do more and more practice in Quiz menu. and here you can found free suntenses in daily use Sentences menu.So, below are the topic that we will cover and will learn English day by day.

Namaskaar Doston, aaj ham angrejee seekhane aur angrejee bolane kee apanee yaatra shuroo karate hain. is Website mein aap angrejee seekhane ke har vishay ko pa sakate hain. yahaan ham besic English se lekar adavaans English tak seekhenge. Pratyek vishay ko seekhane ke baad ham quiz manu mein adhik se adhik abhyaas kar sakate hain. aur yahaan aap dainik upayog ke vaaky menoo mein mupht sanatens pa sakate hain. isalie, neeche vah vishay hai jise ham kavar karenge aur din-ba-din English seekhenge.

  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Singular Plural Noun
  • This, That, These, Those, My, His, Her, Our, Its, Their, Your.

Tenses –

Present Tenses

  • Present Indefinite Tense
  • Present Continuous Tense
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Tenses

  • Past Indefinite Tense
  • Past Continuous Tense
  • Past Perfect Tense
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Tense

  • Future Indefinite Tense
  • Future Continuous Tense
  • Future Perfect Tense
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Modal Verbe

  • Can
  • Could have
  • May
  • Should
  • Should have
  • Must, Must Have
  • Must have, May have, Might have
  • Must, May, Might in Future